Sample 3: Academic Paper


The “Automatic Production Systems” was carried out in 1982. Recently, the government invests over 25 billion NT dollars in automatic equipment. Although the engineer equips has already been automatic in building industry, some constructions are still using lots of people and wasting time. Lacking survey application system will result in wasting people and low precision in pile driving as well as the inefficient issue. Therefore, this research will integrate the Global Position System (GPS), radio to achieve the position function and set up a target positioning system integrated with GPS technology to carry on RTK survey system which can be used to pile wharf, to enhance position accuracy and reduce pile driving time and human resource. Lastly compare the effect of traditional marine position method and target positioning system, and then enhance the informatizing degree and technological of marine engineering.


The “Automatic Production System” was initiated in 1982. Although automatization has long been the norm in the Taiwanese construction industry–the government recently invested over 25 billion NT dollars in automatic equipment–some construction companies still rely heavily on manpower, prolonging project timelines. Many companies also lack a survey application system, resulting in wasted manpower, lower pile driving precision, and inefficiency. Our research integrates the Global Positioning System (GPS) and radio technology to carry on a Real Time Kinematic (RTK) survey system. The RTK system can be used to pile wharf, enhance position accuracy, and reduce pile driving time and human resources. In this study, we also compare the target positioning system to the traditional marine positioning method, and propose ways of improving the technology of the latter.