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I have resumed my editing services!

Graduate School Application

  • SOP, Recommendation Letters, CV

Job/ Fellowship Applications

  • Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn profile

Academic Papers

I usually work with people on resumes and cover letters in the following manner:

1. My client sends me their resume/ cover letter
2. I edit, provide comments, and send the documents back to the client. (I make changes on grammar, wording, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. I also point out places that require more information or specificity.)
3. Client makes changes to documents, and sends them back to me
4. I edit again


The number of back and forth rounds between me and the client depends on the original quality of the documents and what the client desires. Throughout the whole process, it is often necessary to have Skype discussions to clarify questions and vague points in the resume and cover letter, as each person’s professional field and experience is unique. It’s a joint effort between me and the author. I charge by the time I spend on each project, so for example, if I work 50 minutes on the resume, 60 minutes on the cover letter, and 30 minutes speaking on Skype, I would charge for 140 minutes. The time required for each project varies from case to case.
Please note that I ask for a two-hour deposit through PayPal/Chase QuickPay/BOA/other from you. If I work less than two hours on your project, I will of course refund any unused amount.

Please contact me to inquire about my rates if you are interested in working with me.


I have a wide range of experience in editing. I have edited many SOPs, recommendation letter drafts, and CVs, helping many in receiving offers from their dream graduate schools. I have edited many resumes and cover letters, assisting people in securing opportunities at Microsoft, IBM, Google, Solar City, Uber, and receiving the 2016 Knauss Fellowship.

I have edited numerous academic papers in various fields, including but not limited to civil engineering, electrical engineering, physics, mechanical engineering, earthquake engineering, and environmental science.  As an editor for National Taiwan University and the National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering, I helped publish more than 80 academic papers in international journals such as the Journal of Construction Engineering and Management and the Journal of Marine Science and Technology.

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